Ksena Healthcare - allergy testing, anti-mite cover

We aims to reduce the impact of allergic reactions on patients’ daily life, and at the same time to relieve parents’ worries on their allergic children. Thus, we provide reliable allergy test and anti-mite encase bedding for allergic patients. By performing allergy test, allergic patients can stay away from the allergens that they are allergic to, and improve their sleeping quality by using anti-case encase bedding.

Ksena Website: http://www.ksena.com.hk/

FastCheckPOC ® - Your preferred screening test for allergies

Reliable, Efficient and Comprehensive Allergy Test

  • Comparable sensitivity and specificity to the Gold Standard
  • Only a pin prick is needed for screening
  • Covers over 90% common inhalant and food allergens in Hong Kong

Mite-Protex - Your allergy proof covers

Designed for humid climate conditions

  • Tightly woven fabric with systematized regular pattern
  • Clinically proven, can reduce dust-mite allergen by 97%
  • Clinical trials conducted in Southeast Asia, proven suitability for Hong Kong
  • Breathable, comfortable, durable
  • No toxic chemicals

The Hong Kong Allergy Association Offers Certificate of Appreciation, Silver Sponsor

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